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About Us

We started Kabloom to throw ridiculously fun virtual events for teams that bring you closer together — no matter how far away you may be.

We are a team of musicians, actors, artists, drag queens and comics who love to entertain. We are big-hearted. We’re diverse. We laugh a lot.

And we believe that team building doesn’t have to be cheesy. The truth is, your team is hungry for authentic, soulful experiences that will bring them closer together!

Fortunately, you’ve found us 🙂

Why bring Kabloom to your team?

(Aside from the fact that you’re employing a team of incredible creatives…) Put plainly: our experiences just rock. They are thoughtfully designed, with an emphasis on giving your team time to connect and talk.

Seriously, you’ll get so much out of it. Besides the requisite laughter, there is a lotta heart and soul, and you’ll see your team open up in meaningful ways.

Our Oscar-Worthy Origin Story

Back in 2012, our co-founders Wes Leslie (yes, the musician) and Jordon Jo (yes, the musician) started a city tour and team building company in San Francisco called Wild SF Tours

The offbeat tours were a hit with backpackers and techies alike, and the company grew (like, super fast) to become San Francisco’s #1 attraction on TripAdvisor. 

Along the way, they hired more tour guides, who were similarly funky creatives and artists trying to pursue their dreams in an increasingly-expensive city. 

They won accolades, appeared on TV shows and inflight magazines, and ran offsites for pretty much all the big tech companies in the Bay Area.

Then in 2020, that all came to a halt…

Armed with a team of (suddenly out-of-work) artists, a long list of companies who knew and loved Wild SF, and some quick thinking, Wild SF pivoted.

Wes and J. Jo developed new experiences, reformatted the old, and re-launched as a new, dedicated team building company: Kabloom!

What does Kabloom mean?

Kabloom is…a way of life…a mantra…a new dimension…

Just kidding. It’s a word we made up that doesn’t mean anything.

But it sounds fun and exciting. Like a cartoon explosion. Like your team is co-blooming (like, blossoming together) with us. Get it? We kind of do, too.

(Are we millennials who were subconsciously thinking of the Nickelodeon show KaBlam! when we developed our name? The world may never know.)

Meet the Virtual Events Loving Team

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Work With Us

We are always accepting resumes for hosts and admin roles.

Email wes (at) and show us whatchu got.