New Year Social

Our New Year themed team-building experience. Engage in a series of fun and interactive activities to celebrate each other’s accomplishments, and set goals for the year to come.


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A Quick Rundown...

Lookin’ for a fun way to welcome the New Year?

With our New Year Social you can kick things off with a bang.

Your group will run through a series of interactive games, acknowledge each other’s achievements, and share insights from the past year.

We’ll wrap up the event with everyone making a vision board, where everyone will goals for the year ahead. 🚀

Event Structure

Time Activity
5 minutes

Welcome In

5 minutes
Icebreaker: Share About a New Hobby
5 minutes
Breakout: Highlight Reels (Share highlights from the last year)
10 - 15 Minutes
Competition: Name Your Champions
15 Minutes
Competition: New Year Wikispeedia (optional)
15 - 25 Minutes
Breakout: Make a Team Vision Board
5 Minutes
Conclude with Wrap Up, Sharing & Farewell

Total: 60 Minutes

Let's Party!

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See What People Think...

Have Questions?

Nope. Just hop in and enjoy the party!

For the Vision Board activity: you can bring a piece of paper and a pen, marker, and/or colored pencils.

If you don’t have any supplies, you can also do this activity on your computer.

Yes! The default length for this event is 60 minutes, but you can also run it at 60, 75 or 90 minutes.

This event is great for group sizes ranging from 10-80 attendees.

If your group size is over 80, you may want to check out our New Year Kickoff party, or consider running multiple of these experiences concurrently.

  1. Chat with an Account Manager by booking a demo, or requesting more info.
  2. Let us know your Estimated Group Size, and Date and Time.
  3. We’ll put a hold on your date and time, and send an invoice for the number of people you’re certain will attend. 
  4. Once paid: our Event Coordinator will send you all the details for your event (a calendar invite, landing page, and Zoom link).
  5. Sit back and enjoy the show!

If the number of attendees exceeds the number paid for, we’ll send you a post-event invoice to cover any overflow.

This experience is a $500 minimum to book – which accommodates up to 16 attendees.

Past 16: it’s $30 a person. There are also price breaks as the group size increases.

We also have discounts available for multiple bookings, non-profits, and universities.

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